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Listing information about RMAN Backups

You can view the information about backups you have taken using RMAN. Here are the various commands to view information about RMAN backupsets, backup copies etc.

To view summary of database backups

RMAN> list backup summary;

This commands shows the summary of all backups taken through RMAN. Here is the typical output

rman list backup summary

To list details information about backupsets of database you can give the following command

rman list backupset of database

Similarly you can also filter the result by listing information about backupsets of particular tablespace or datafile.

To list information about backupset of particular tablespace, you can give the following command

RMAN> list backupset of tablespace users;

list backupset of tablespace

To list information about particular datafile give command mentioning the datafile number like this for example

RMAN> list backup of datafile 4;

To list copy of specified datafile   

LIST COPY OF DATAFILE '/u02/oracle/test/system01.dbf'; 

To list backup set by tag

LIST BACKUPSET TAG 'myfulldbbackup';

To list backup or copy by device type

LIST COPY OF DATAFILE '/u02/oracle/test/system01.dbf' DEVICE TYPE sbt;

To list backup by directory or path

LIST COPY LIKE '/u02/oracle/flash/%';

To list a backup or copy by a range of completion dates


Reporting list of files which need backup

RMAN Report command can be used to get a list of those datafiles which have not been backed up since last <n> days or to know which backupsets have become obsolete and can be deleted as per configured retention policy

For example, to know which files need backup since they have not been backed up since last 30 days give the following command

RMAN> report need backup days 2 database;

report command in oracle rman

If you have configured the Retention Policy to redundancy 1. Then to know which backups have become obsolete and can be safely deleted, you can give a command as follows

RMAN> report obsolete

report obsolete in rman

To know which database files require backup because they have been affected by some NOLOGGING operation such as a direct-path INSERT give the following command

RMAN> report unrecoverable;



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