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Disaster Recovery using RMAN page 2


Step 3

Since we don't even have SPFILE, we need to start the instance with default parameters

Start database instance with default parameters by typing the following command at RMAN prompt

RMAN> startup force nomount;

startup force rman


Step 4

Now restore SPFILE from autobackup by typing the following command

RMAN>restore spfile  from autobackup;

When we give the above command RMAN will fail with the following output

restore spfile from autobakup

To restore SPFILE we need to give the location of the autobackup file. You can view the location and name of the most recent autobackup files by looking into the flash_recovery_area/autobackup folder

In our case flash_recovery_area is set to /u02/oracle/testdb/flash/TEST

After going into this directory, go to autobackup directory and search for the latest autobackup file.

autobackup files

In our case the latest autobackup file is o1_mf_s_926930278_d1pq2srv_.bkp

Now we need to restore SPFILE from this file by typing the following command

RMAN> restore spfile from

restore spfile


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